On Oct 3, 6:14 pm, "Brian Williams" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hey everyone, yeah, i know this is a stupid newb questions, but it seems to
> be slipping my mind.
> I have ye olde code using ye olde version prototype
> var pos = Position.cumulativeOffset(element);
> landing.style.top = pos[1] + element.offsetHeight + 'px';
> the positioning is pretty much spot on for ie7, ff2 and ff3, but of course
> ie6 it's about ~150 pixels too far south on the screen.
> Could there be a css reason for this that i could write an ie6 specific css
> rule for?  Or how do i calculate a correct positioning.

Is the document rendered in quirks mode, by any chance?

Also, `Position` has been deprecated, so it's a good idea to get rid
of it:

var offset = element.cumulativeOffset();
landing.style.top = offset.top + element.offsetHeight + 'px';

> thanks!

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