Hi all,
I'm new to prototype and script.aculo.us. I'm building an interface
that will allow a user to drag a "tool" onto a workarea and drop it.
So far, pretty easy.
But I need to image/object being dragged to be different from the one
the user clicked on at the start of the drag. The item the user will
click on to drag is a small graphic, but they need to be able to drag
a div containing the result of adding the item (text, input fields,
Also, when dropped, the new item needs to be added to the droppable,
and the original graphic needs to be where it was before the

I've tried using the helper, and replacing the _clone and the
draggable (the later sort of works) with different HTML. But when it's
dropped the dropped image stays in place, and the original image

Any suggestions, code examples, etc. would be greatly appreciated!


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