On Oct 6, 2008, at 4:08 PM, Matt Foster wrote:

> Looks like you're going to need more data in the checkbox.  As you're
> going to need the ID as well i'd leave that as is.  But you can add an
> extra attribute to help with this calculation.
> <input name="invoiveID[]" value="<?=$invoiceID?>" price="<?=
> $invoicePrice?>" type="checkbox" />
> Javascript has no problem accessing what could be considered a custom
> attribute.

JavaScript does not, but the W3C does. If you want to add custom  
attributes, you will need to either use the id, value, or class. What  
I usually do is put a known bit of text at the beginning of the  
class, and then remove it later. I am sure there's another way, but  
that's the sort of thing I would do.


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