I just stumbled on a problem with Scriptaculous DOM Builder
used in an XHTML page served as "application/xhtml+xml"
(the way such pages should be served).

What happened was that a "div" element I tried to create
(with Builder.node('div' ...)) actually became a "DIV" element
(uppercase!) which totally broke things for me. The CSS would
not work any more, and the element was not seen as a "div" element
at all (at least not when reported on the Firebug console) but
as an "unknown element".

I've managed to get rid of the problem by hacking the code
in "builder.js" (removing a couple of ".toUpperCase()"),
but I'm sure those are there for a reason, and some
things will probably break (probably in MSIE...).

Is this a known problem? Is there some kind of approved
and safe solution?

I use Prototype and Scriptaculous 1.8.1
(developing on Firefox 3.0.3 on Linux).

Bertilo Wennergren <http://bertilow.com>

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