I copied the example,  but had to change the css by adding a height
and overflow attribute,
otherwise I don't get scrollbars.
This is the new css that I changed (last two attributes):

div.autocomplete {
  border:1px solid #888;
  overflow: scroll;

When I click on the scrollbar, the popup closes.
Do you have a working example somewhere?

On Oct 7, 8:30 pm, Walter Lee Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This may actually be a CSS issue more than anything else. Try making  
> a single page example, with nothing but the "approved" CSS from the  
> Scripty Wiki. It really does work here, no kidding, in all browsers  
> that matter.
> Walter
> 1.http://github.com/madrobby/scriptaculous/wikis/ajax-autocompleter
> On Oct 7, 2008, at 1:34 PM, barkokhba wrote:
> > Walter you are right. But even if I just include effects.js and
> > controls.js
> > the popup still vanishes when I click the scrollbar. I just tested
> > this on my Mac at home
> > and the popup vanishes in Safari and Opera as well when I click the
> > scrollbar.
> > Only Firefox on the Mac allows me to scroll the list.
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