I think this is something that comes down to how the individual  
browsers communicate with JavaScript. It seems as though clicking on  
a scrollbar takes focus away from the autocompleter in the browsers  
you've tried.

I can't say whether this is solved in JQuery or not, if they use a  
different event to cancel the suggestion then maybe so.

What does work for sure is not making the suggestion list scrollable.  
But that seems to be off the table for you for design reasons.


On Oct 7, 2008, at 5:24 PM, barkokhba wrote:

> Walter, thanks for your interest.
> I just tested with IE 7 and it shows the same behavior. FF 3 seems to
> be the odd one (the only one working).
> I think I give up with scriptaculous and try something else. Do you
> think JQuery might work? Or is this entirely a CSS problem?

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