Conveniently, there's just been a discussion about this over in the
Core group:

Some quick answers, mostly from that thread:

1. There is no official minified version or anything like that.
There's really no need for one.

2. There's a packed version that JDD maintains; see his comments here:
It's not official, but everyone here knows JDD (or should) and you can
trust him.

3. Yes, gzip helps a lot -- Prototype is about 28k gzipped.  Yes, both
the browser and server have to support it.  All major browsers do.
All major servers do.  You have to configure it, which varies by
server.  There's a thread about doing it with Apache:
No specific thread about nginx that I've seen, but it's dead easy, see
the nginx docs:
Russian: http://sysoev.ru/nginx/
English (wiki): http://wiki.codemongers.com/Main

4. It's on the Google CDN (way cool!), which will gzip if the browser
supports it, does geographic coolness, and of course will be cached if
any previous site has used the same URL.  The URL to use is:

T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com

On Oct 10, 7:54 am, liketofindoutwhy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> would it be helpful if we have an official version of prototype.js
> minified?   if google can host it on their CDN (content delivery
> network similar to Akamai), then we can all use it?
> http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxlibs/documentation/index.html#prototype
> (the link we can use in our code to get 
> prototype.js)http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/prototype/
> is it true that the other thing that can help is gzip, but it is
> entirely up to the browser/server to for it to kick in?   so i heard
> that Dean Edwards's packer can shrink it, but we might not want JS
> itself to expand the code for us, as the speed for doing that can be
> quite unknown.  (gzip on the other hand will be something like the
> speed of purely machine code).
> I also wonder if the CDN gives an expiration of a few years into the
> future like year 2010, then it may help too if we don't ever update
>'s content and when we do, we always name it a different
> version number, then the browser won't even need to recheck whether
> the file needs an update from the server.
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