got a strange problem with - when I am using
draggable, it does not respect handle: id value

new Draggable('Popover', { starteffect: '', endeffect: '', scroll:
window, handle: 'popoverHeader' });

and the html code is simple:

<div id="Popover">
<div id="popoverHeader">
<ul class="popove_header_buttons"><li><a title="Close popup"
class="bttn_close" onclick="hidePopove();"><span>Close</span></a></
<div id="popoverContent"></div>

anytime poover is oppened, I can drag whole box, not just a header...
I've tried to move a handler to h3, changing its name - didn't help.

There are two problems with that:

1. when user accidentally clicks on the popover's body, it jumps to
the strange position on the left side of the window
2. when user tries to scroll a scrollbar which is within a popover's
body, it behaves strangely - does not allow to scroll and popover
jumps randomly.

Also - it does not matter if I am using Firefox or IE7.

Many thanks in advance,

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