Hi to all the guys and moderators, I see no help at all, there is
someone that understand what I ask, any help or tutorials to
understand how I can make happened the same effect in this web:


Is made with Prototype & script.aculo.us....Please again any hep from
users or MODERATORS????...I emaill Thomas and I do not get any
response from him, there is any problem for what I ask?....Do you need
more details??...I just need to know how is the process to create the
backgrounds change every time you go to home page, that's all...

Thank you again for your help.


On Oct 14, 7:58 am, Gonzalo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi T.J.
> Thank you for your quick answer, I am an architect and my brother is a
> graphic Designer who make webs, I try to help him to communicate with
> you guys the "GURUS" of this. I have no clue what so ever how he can
> learn about the background image that change at page load, Is anybody
> can help us about tutorials or where I can learn about it?...
> Thank you in advance...
> On Oct 13, 11:02 pm, "T.J. Crowder" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > (Regarding your two re-posts when this didn't show up instantly:
> > Messages from new members are held for moderation, and so they don't
> > show up immediately.  Apparently there wasn't anyone available to
> > moderate until I got in this morning.)
> > --
> > T.J. Crowder
> > tj / crowder software / com
> > On Oct 13, 11:45 pm, kalu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Hi Thomas:
> > > Did you have any tutorial or where I can find it, to utilize the
> > > script.aculos.us?...I need to learn only the part of random images
> > > (slides) like in this web page:
> > >http://www.oskaarchitects.com/
> > > All the time that I go to the home replace the images and I can't find
> > > how I can make that for my web.
> > > Thank you in advance for any hep, very much appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!
> > > Kalu!
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