Hi folks,

The initial "let's get something out there" layout I did for the
unofficial wiki[1] has a clear distinction between Prototype and
script.aculo.us.  There are separate sections for them, and each
section has its own list of Tips, How Tos, etc.  In fact, I even had
us putting pages about Prototype in a "prototype" category and pages
about script.aculo.us in a "scripty" category.
[1] http://proto-scripty.wikidot.com

Is there any point to that?  I mean, is the tip about minimizing
download times (or about unobtrusive JavaScript, or about instance
methods as callbacks/event handlers) related to Prototype or
script.aculo.us?  My answer to that second question is "Yes, both",
which suggests that the answer to the first question is "No, not
really" and we should get rid of it before things go on much further.
(The site already has a bunch of stuff broken into these categories,
so before things grow too much further...)

Like many wikis, we can use tags on pages, and we've been careful to
tag Prototype pages with a "prototype" tag, script.aculo.us pages with
a "script.aculo.us" tag, and pages about both with both.  I tend to
think that's enough.

So that would leave the menu on the left looking a bit like this:

How Tos
API Notes
Extras / Add-ons
Pitch In!
Editing this wiki

...followed by the mini-tag cloud.

It's a biggish reorganization, getting rid of the categories and such,
so I thought it best to throw the idea out and see if it makes sense.

BTW:  If you feel like pitching in, there's a list of things needed/
wanted here:

Thanks in advance,
T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com
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