Weird, in the space of just a few days we've now had three separate
threads on character encoding, more than we've had in several months.
Here are the other two threads:


Might be worth teaming up with the other people having similar

Sorry not to have an answer for you,
T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com

On Oct 22, 12:02 am, d_idaho <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using prototype
> My page is generated by a cgi-bin program (a dll) on a IIS server.
> It is encoded in "Windows-1252" charset.
> Users may both use Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla Firefox browsers.
> The page uses the Ajax.Request object in order to send a request to
> the dll :
> new Ajax.Request( "http://myUpfrontserver/cognos/cgi-bin/
> upfisapi.dll", {
>   method: 'post',
>   parameters: {xmlcmd: "<DescribeNewsBox><ID>123443435454534</ID></
> DescribeNewsBox>"},
>   encoding: ''Windows-1252',
>   contentType: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
>   onSuccess: function(transport) {
>     /*
>      My treatment on transport.responseXML or transport.responseText
>     */
>   }
>  });
> The server returns an xml message supposed to be encoded in
> "Windows-1252" charset.
> But it seems the transport response is interpreted as encoded in UTF-8
> charset...
> Actually, some accented character and their related characters appear
> with a ?
> i.e; : aï" >  becomes a?>       (this is the U+FFFD character, which
> appears in a dark square on Firefox, and as ? on IE6)
> If I directly use the XMLHttpRequest object, I do not have this kind
> of problem on Firefox (the problem persists with IE6) : the
> responseText content is well detected in Windows-1252 charset.
> Do you know if the Ajax objects enforces the response to be detected
> as encoded in UTF-8?
> Is there any way to change this?
> I tried to analyze the prototype script in order to find where, in the
> Ajax class, the responseText could be encoded in UTF-8 but I could not
> find it... Anyway, I found that as the load was not completed, my
> responseText was correctly interpreted (accented characters appear
> correctly), and it is only at the end of the load when the status is
> complete, that the U+FFFD Unicode characters appear.
> Moreover, with IE6, I meet this problem by using both Ajax.Request or
> XMLHttpRequest...
> Is there a way to enforce encoding of the XMLHttpRequest response ?
> Thanks for your help.
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