onHover: function(element, dropon, overlap) {
    if(overlap>0.5) {
         Sortable.mark(dropon, 'before');
         if(dropon.previousSibling != element) {
              var oldParentNode = element.parentNode;
              element.style.visibility = "hidden"; // fix gecko
              dropon.parentNode.insertBefore(element, dropon);
    if(dropon.parentNode!=oldParentNode && oldParentNode.sortable)

This code is from the dragdrop.js.  I'm dragging input boxes in
seperate divs.  How can I access the input boxes from the 'element'
object above?  I would like to update the text boxes of the item I'm

Totally new to the DOM, hopefully this is understandable.  Been
reading all day and I'm stuck. I can change the values of a particular
input text box like this.  (putting this code after the

var myVar = element.childNodes.item(3).getAttribute("value");
myVar = myVar + 1;
element.childNodes.item(3).setAttribute("value", myVar);

This changes the value, but the text doesn't change while I'm
dragging.  What am I missing.  Thanks for any help

- tecmo

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