I'm still quite new to Prototype, but I think you're missing some quotes in
your code below.  What you have now is

        var para = new Element('p',

Shouldn't it be

        var para = new Element('p',
{'class':'button',onclick:'\'alert("hello");\''}).update("Alert You?");

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Hi all,

I'm having a small issue with generated content using prototype's
Element object. Here's the gist of what i'm doing

var para = new Element('p',
{'class':'button',onclick:'alert("hello");'}).update("Alert You?");

after i just insert this into a div on my page. When i go to the page
i do get the text "Alert You?" but the onclick only works in firefox.
I get nothing out of IE not even an error.

It seems to work if i do this: var para = '<p class="button"
onclick="alert(\'Alert You?\');">Alert You?</p>';
then i insert the p into my container div.

I know doing event handlers like this is bad, bad, and frowned upon,
but even if i do it unobtrusively it still doesn't work in IE6 or 7.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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