Are you holding a reference to an object inside the iframe?  Such as
contentDocument/contentWindow.  These references would be bunk once
the iframe refreshes.

On Oct 29, 4:31 am, Thomas A <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Our application is built on a static interface with HTML controls and
> an Iframe that registers these controls and executes some actions on
> them with the help of prototype. This works rather well on all
> browsers, but if the source of the iframe changes IE has a problem
> with these controles and throws an exception about freed code. So it
> seems the controls are still extended from the previous iframe source
> but the browser no longer has access to this source and is not able to
> just overwrite the element anew. Any ideas how I can get around this
> limitation of IE?
> It works well on Firefox, not sure about Safari and Opera though.
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