I'm using a pretty basic example that works just find in FireFox but
does not work in IE 6 or 7.

Have a look at this sample (not mine, but is what I used to create my
code and I get the exact same problem):


If you take, say 3 items and drag them into Group 2, then take another
from Group 1 and this time place it directly over one of the items
(without it trying to snap anywhere) and let it go, you'll see that
the list does not refresh. You will notice at the bottom, that space
was created for the new item, but it doesn't appear.

Now, if you grab the "Group 2" heading and start to move it, you'll
see the contents re-display properly.

Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this in IE?
Is there a CSS setting required somewhere or something?
Is there something I should be doing in the onUpdate callback?


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