On Oct 30, 2008, at 5:56 PM, rev_robert wrote:

> I put the window.alert in the function to see if opt.postBody had the
> plus (+) signs in it before the call to Ajax.Updater, which it did.
> This is worrisome.  Is there some documentation on which characters
> Ajax.updater will pass through and whch ones it will drop?

I suspect that the + characters are being interpreted as url-encoded  
spaces. You might want to look over your code and see if you can  
avoid manually serializing your form contents. It looks like you're  
working way too hard here:

> postBody: 'ID=' + aForm.ID.value + '&Name=' + aForm.Name.value +
> '&Description=' + aForm.Description.value + '&Tracking_Type_ID=' +
> aForm.Tracking_Type_ID.value + '&Script=' + aForm.Script.value +
> '&CSS=' + aForm.CSS.value + '&Generation_Code=' +
> aForm.Generation_Code.value ,

This could just be postBody: aForm.serialize(),

Or maybe even simpler, use aForm.request() to replace nearly  
everything else in your function.

Have a look through the docs for more insight.


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