A guy I work with here has resolved the problem with an update to

added after line 804 just before:

dropon.insertBefore(element, child);

the following:

  oldParentNode.style.visibility = 'hidden';
  oldParentNode.style.visibility = 'visible';

That has resolved the issue by making the browser re-display the div.

On Oct 30, 3:06 pm, Paul  Wesson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm using a pretty basic example that works just find in FireFox but
> does not work in IE 6 or 7.
> Have a look at this sample (not mine, but is what I used to create my
> code and I get the exact same problem):
> http://www.gregphoto.net/sortable/advanced/
> If you take, say 3 items and drag them into Group 2, then take another
> from Group 1 and this time place it directly over one of the items
> (without it trying to snap anywhere) and let it go, you'll see that
> the list does not refresh. You will notice at the bottom, that space
> was created for the new item, but it doesn't appear.
> Now, if you grab the "Group 2" heading and start to move it, you'll
> see the contents re-display properly.
> Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this in IE?
> Is there a CSS setting required somewhere or something?
> Is there something I should be doing in the onUpdate callback?
> Thanks
> Paul
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