I should add that I've tried breaking at each curly bracket and then  
using concatenation to put the string back together, but I must be  
doing something wrong there because I get an error about 'missing ;  
before statement' when I do that.


On Oct 31, 2008, at 11:00 AM, Walter Lee Davis wrote:

> Does JSON really have to be all one long line of text? Is there a way
> to break it over lines without getting a syntax error? What are the
> rules for this?
> I am generating a database for local searching on a CD-ROM. This ends
> up being 370K of text in two lines (titles and authors). TextMate
> falls over when I try to edit this locally, naturally, since it tries
> to run a recursive regex on each line for folding purposes.
> Thanks in advance,
> Walter
> >

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