Hello all,
I'm fairly new to javascript so bear with me. Here's my source:

<a href="http://webspace.ringling.edu/~doverton/test/";>http://

I've basically got absolutely positioned divs in two categories; on
the left the "buttons" and on the right the "pictures." The buttons
make use of the Draggable behaviour and the pictures make use of
Effect.Appear. The buttons have an ondblclick event that toggles the
Effect.Appear for the pictures to appear/disappear. My problem is that
I would like to have it so that only one of the "picture" divs appears
at a time while still making use of the Effect.Appear toggle. For
instance, if pic2 is visible, I'd like to be able to double-click
button3 to have pic2 fade out while pic3 fades in.
Some thoughts:
- Would rather toggle picture divs' display: block/none rather than
- Does the z-index come into account?
This seems like it'd be easy enough, but i'm just not at that level
yet. Thanks in advance, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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