Hi,  Have just started using prototype with ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX
Webservices and JSON two days ago, and have run into a very strange
roadblock, ok let me explain the basic details of my app first :  My
ASP.NET webservice has one function that returns a dataset in JSON
format (I've manually transformed the dataset into JSON looping
through the rows)...the webservice returns the value as a string
(which was the only way I could get it to work)...now when I consume
the webservice using AJAX.request, the transport.responseJSON remains
a string not an object!  What seems to happen is that there's an extra
set of double quotes wrapped around the string returned by the
webservice...I have the feeling this is because of the webservice
returning a string value.  Ok, now as a test, I modified the
javascript evalJSON function to trim the quotes around the string
before parsing it using eval...this still doesn't work if any of the
parameters inside the JSON formatted string are enclosed in double
quotes either, the reason being these get interpreted as \" which is
invalid, essentially VB.NET: {""Count"":10} get translated to in
transport.responseText as {\"Count\":10}...however as per JSON specs,
parameter names and string values must be enclosed in double quotes,
so can't do away with it!  If anyone could help out with this two-fold
problem ie; double quotes around the returned webservice string
result; and the \" issue, I would be eternally grateful!  If anyone
has any code samples that would be super as well thanks!  Regards,

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