I developped a webpage for my string quartet, and as i had so many
problems with IE i did 2 versions. I'll fuse them when both are ready.
A version for non IE browsers: 
and another one just for IE: http://cuartetotoldra.com/toldrismo/prueba3ie.html

The thing is that with IE exploring the menus (which means morphing,
just have a look) will cause undesired jumps and pops of some divs...
It seems like the parallel morphings aren't completely
coordinated..With firefox 3, opera, chrome and safari, there's no
problem. Firefox 2 is not perfect but is not that bad as IE. I even
tried with IE 8, but these random jumps won't disappear. I suppose
there's no solution for this, but if someone had such a problema and
could solve it, some help would be appreciated... :)



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