I thought about putting my usual warning in there, but I thought it  
would be simpler to leave it as originally written.

  * A really nice tool to clean strings or arrays.
  * @param mixed $mxdInput A string or an array
  * @return mixed same as input, but with trim and strip_tags applied  
to string or all elements of array, depending on imput format
  * @author Walter Lee Davis

function clean($mxdInput){
        if(is_string($mxdInput)) return trim(strip_tags($mxdInput));
        $out = array();
        foreach($mxdInput as $k=>$v){
                $out[$k] = clean($v);
        return $out;

$_POST = clean($_POST);


On Nov 11, 2008, at 1:57 PM, Alex Mcauley wrote:

> just FYI i really would not use unsanitized $_POST data in the  
> search, it
> can lead to SQL injection

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