You should look at this little how to i made .. it emualtes whats happening 
on google suggest

The php side of it is simple, if you need me to add it to the howto then 
please let me know

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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Getting Autocompleter to work like google suggest

> I'm struggling to get the Autocompleter to work like Google Suggest.
> Here's the behavior I want:
> - User types chars, sees suggestions
> - If user hits enter, then only the chars he's typed get submitted
> (that is, any suggestions are ignored)
> - Suggestions are not highlighted until he selects one
> - To select a suggestion, he hits the down or up arrow, or clicks a
> suggestion with the mouse
> - When a suggestion is selected, it replaces the text in the search
> box.
> I think we can get all this with two small changes: leave the
> highlight off by default, and give us a javascript callback that fires
> whenever the current suggestion row changes.
> Anyone know if it's possible to do what I want without major surgery?
> I see there's been some discussion of this problem here, but no real
> resolution:
> >

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