A few bugs have been fixed and some new additions made including double 
clicking the title bar to maximize/minify the window, Z-indexes fixed to 
position windows accordingly when having multiple smaller windows open in 
the container, inner Heights fixed on the content to not overlap the resize 
area etc etc etc
A few CSS changes to pretty up the application
Demo available @

Alex Mcauley
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> Classing it would be a good idea but i have never written a Javascript 
> class before !!, i have only just started to use object notaion for my 
> functions !! so i suppose the next logical step is a class ...
> I wrote it all to use CSS classnames so people could have full flexability 
> over how the window manager worked .. the only thin that is core to it is 
> the taskbar at the bottom, you will see from the code that it is taken ito 
> account when maximizing etc etc...
> I have just found a bug and a couple of things that i think need to be 
> funcitonised as they are called quite often. If i get time tonight i will 
> fucntionise them and have the bugs ironed out for tomorrow before i indent 
> and comment the code properly .... If anyone would like to Aid me in 
> turning this into a Javascript class it would be a good learning 
> experience for all those taking part
> Regards
> Alex
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> Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Re: Window System - WebOs / Web Desktop
>> On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 5:46 PM, Alex Mcauley
>> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> yes its untested in IE6 and will not be supported i dont think
>>> for demo purposes i aggree it maybe should open smaller
>>> MIT liscence it is then !!
>> Cool!
>> I took a quick look at the source. My one suggestion right now is:
>> there is minimise and maximize function names that appear to be one US
>> English and one UK English spelling.
>> Am I right that we are pretty much just adding a Window class and some
>> template/boilerplate html code? Should we try to get the new Window
>> class added as an optional resource to Prototype once it comes further
>> along? Of course, for the HTML template code there are many, many
>> options...
>> >>

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