On Nov 13, 11:13 am, Abel Figueiredo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hello.
> I need a little help.
> I'm developing an application using prototype & php and I want to do
> the following:
> In a page I have 3 forms: One containing a start calendar, one
> containing a end calendar and one that allows the user to select witch
> data to show on a graph.
> The idea is to allow the user to use the two calendars to select a
> start and end date and the third form to select the data rows to show
> on a graph.
> When the user changes the month or year on either calendar, the
> calendar reloads and shows the selected month/year (hence the need for
> one form for each calendar).
> After the user sets the start and end dates and chooses what to plot,
> he will click the submit button.
> What's supposed to happen is for a js function to post all information
> from the 3 forms to a php file and show the result.
> I'm using this to post:
> var destiny;
> function ajaxLoad(url, formID, dest){
>         destiny = dest;
>         var MyAjax = new Ajax.Request(url, {
>                 method:       'post',
>                 parameters:   $(formID).serialize(true),
>                 onComplete:   showResponse
>         });
> }
> function showResponse(position){
>         $(destiny).innerHTML = position.responseText;
> }
> Seeing it's not possible to use nested forms, I need to combine the
> information of all 3 and send it as parameters.

Are there same-named form controls in those forms?

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