I've been dynamically building a slideshow based on a list of image
filenames. I use the following code to create thumbnails:

$('placeholder').insert(new Element("img", {id:'something',

I would like to display a progress bar, so I'm going to count the
number of images loaded as they go. To do this I was hoping to do
something like this, but it doesn't work.

$('placeholder').insert(new Element("img",  {id:'something',
src:myImage, onload:function(){alert("MOO")}}))

After asking the question on stackoverflow.com one suggestion was

$('placeholder').insert(new Element("img", {    id: 'something',
src:myImage}).observe('load', function() { // onload code here}));

The problem is that attaching an event listener after the tag have
been created is too late to catch the onload event. The thumbnail
loads before the event handler is listening. The thumbnails are often
only 3-4k in size.

So how do I do this? I know I could create the element with the
onload, then set the src separately later in the code, but I would
prefer to do it all inside the new Element constructor.

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