Morning Guys ...

I am having a real headache trying to send json data to the server and
have php decode it so i can do something with the data ..
Basically what i am trying to do is...

I have a form and i would like to send data to the server in Json form
(key/value pairs) so i can go over it in a loop with php cehcking
somehting against a database...

I did think of serialize() but i need to send information in a custom
tag thats in some input values somethin like

<input type="text" id="foo_12323142341234" class="formJson"
dbCol="forename" value="John" />
<input type="text" id="foo_12323142344321" class="formJson"
dbCol="surname" value="Doe" />
and have in the json
var params=new Array();
$$('.formJson').each(function(e) {
var p=$(e).dbCol + $(e).value;
var d=p.toJSON();
to end up with something like .....
"forename" : "John",
"surname" : "Doe"

toJSON() seems to not be playing nice and tells me its not a function

Can anyone think of a way to encode all the elements with the
className of 'formJson' grabbing the custom tag (dbCol) and the value
of the element into an object or an array and send it to the server
(running php 5.2) so i can process it on the server end ..

I've been scratching my head over it all morning and cant find a
solution !!

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