Great Fix - I had the same problem - works perfect

On Nov 8, 8:05 am, Tobias Gassmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I applied a quick and dirty hack to the "onEmptyHover"-function to get
> rid of the flickering when using dropOnEmpty
> -->  onEmptyHover: function(element, dropon, overlap) {
> (it's in the dragdrop.js-file)
> There is an if-statement in this function which has to be altered:
> the original line in Version 1.8.1 of scriptaculous reads:
> -->   " if(!Element.isParent(dropon, element)) {"
> changing this line to
> -->   " if((!Element.isParent(dropon, element)) &&
> (Element.empty(dropon))) {"
> turned the flickering off.
> This can only be used, in case there are no other html-elements in the
> empty "Drop-On"-Element. Otherwise it remains undroppable.
> The reason for the flickering is (as far as I figured it out) the
> Element.isParent(dropon,element) returning false, even when the
> dragged item is still within it's original parent. By checking wether
> the underlying Droppable is really empty (and therefore not the home-
> droppable, where the dragged item came from), we can assure that the
> onEmptyHover-Code is not executed falsely.
> This is only a quick and dirty hack, I did not completely analyze the
> scriptaculous-code, so it might not work for everyone.
> bye!
> Tobias
> On Oct 10, 1:15 pm, Sumita <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have a horizontal sortable with three images arranged horizontally
> > in a div (images in a div tag). The moment I introduce
> > dropOnEmpty:true, and I try to drop an image from another sortable,
> > there is a flickering and the sortable is creates its own drop
> > position.
> > Can you suggest a solution??

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