>   new parent.Ajax.Updater('target', './refresh.php5, { method:

You're sending a string, try using a direct object reference...

var ele = window.document.getElementById('target');
ele.innerHTML = "Loading...";
new parent.Ajax.Updater(ele, './refresh.php5, ...

On Nov 17, 4:37 pm, ronman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've seen postings similar to my problem, but they didn't answer my
> question.
> Within an iframe, I've defined a <div id='target></div>
> Within the same iframe, I have some javascript:
> <script>
> function ajaxrefresh() {
>   window.document.getElementById('target').innerHTML='...Loading';
>   new parent.Ajax.Updater('target', './refresh.php5, { method:
> 'get'});}
> </script>
> The getElementById() finds the target div OK.
> But Ajax.Updater doesn't.  Since prototype is loaded by the parent
> window, and I don't want to load the whole thing again just for a
> little iframe, I have to go to the parent window, but Ajax can't find
> its way back.
> I tried setting a var to the location:
> var target=window.document.getElementById('target');
> Then saying Ajax.Updater(target, ...)
> But Updater wants a string for the first argument.
> Bottom line:  how do you make Updater find something inside an iframe?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ron
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