You can do it if you want to. But one of the great things of
inPlaceEditor is to update database on live and to have the updated

If tou change this yuu will have to create a way to tell the users
wich fields were updated and wich were not. (And depending on how many
fields he had edited he will not remember what he wrote on that...).

The total calls to your server should not worry you, because nowadays
it is better to have lots of small connections than have one single
connection doing lots of stuff.
Try to think like this: If your server can attend 20 people at same
time, and you have 200 people using it.If half of them save a huge
thing almost in the same time, the last one will wait lots of time to
get a answer, but if all of them start to make little and fast changes
all time, none of them will wait to much.

If you are experiencing server problems, try to use (if you are not) a
persistent connection with the bank. This can down load you server a


On 19 nov, 03:29, disappearedng <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have played around the InPlaceEditor for a while now and I notice
> that upon completion of the text field, the InPlaceEditor immediately
> makes a call the url supplied by the user.
> I think this is kind of inefficient. Is there a way such that upon
> complete, I can write a function that can push the value of the text
> into a queue and hence reduce the total number of calls to my server?

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