So I really want to load Prototype dynamically, that is, from a js

This is because I am providing a sort of javascript-widget type thing,
that users can include on their page to have some 'embedded'
functionality. Kind of like YouTube does, or whatever. They put a
<script> tag on their page, and it calls my script--and my script
calls prototype, because my special embed widget stuff wants to use
prototype. (My script actually does check to see if Prototype is
loaded first, before loading it).

This actually worked fine in Prototype 1.3, that my code used to use.
I dynamically added a <script> tag to the page to include Prototype,
all was just great.

But now I'm upgrading my app to use Prototype 1.6, and I'm afraid it
doesn't work anymore. It causes Firefox to complain with some really
weird errors about XML.  In the irc channel, tfluehr suggested this
might be related to Prototype 1.6's use of document.write, among other

But it's really annnoying to me. I can't think of any other way to
conveniently provide the function I'm trying to provide, without being
able to dynamically load Prototype.

Has anyone figured out a way to make this work in 1.6?  Thanks for any

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