Why would you want to avoid position:absolute for an object which
needs to sit on top of everything in the center of the document?

On Nov 22, 6:10 am, Dave L <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have been struggling to get the DOM popup kit, which uses prototype,
> to display popups and modal dialog boxes in Internet Explorer for a
> while now(it is working great in Firefox).  Right now, the popup will
> only display above css elements that have no position value and only
> if the popup position itself is absolute, BUT I cannot get the overlay
> to position correctly unless I use an absolute position.  Aside from
> the css issues, it looks the code in the popup kit defines the overlay
> object to be a child of the body element:
>  document.body.appendChild(overlay);
> whereas, the popup object is never defined as so.  Could it be an
> issue with the order in which they are defined in IE or an issue
> regarding being a child of the body in general?  As you can see, I am
> somewhat new to prototype in general and I could really use some input
> and/or guidance.  Thanks.
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