Hi all.

We've just started using Scriptaculous to allow the user to rearrange
their home page content panels. At the moment we have two unordered
lists (left and right) and the user can move panels around to suit
their preference.

This is working great and the only problem we have with it is that
scriptaculous.js + prototype.js + dragdrop.js + effects.js = 192kb.
That's after I stopped it from loading other js files like sound.js,
for example.

Seeing as all I'm using (literally) is Sortable.create(list,
properties) twice at the bottom of the page, and nothing else, there
must be loads that I can carve out of the js files? Ideally I was
hoping to be able to normalise them all into one efficient js file
that handles the Sortable business.

Looking through it, though, I can see it's no simple task!

There must be a more modular approach?

Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated!


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