As you've found, setting the display property in a CSS sheet will not  
work with the Scripty effects. Try hiding the things you want to hide  
after the DOM loads. Set an empty class on all your to-be-hidden bits,  
and then do this:


This will have everything hanging out there and visible from Google's  
POV, but will hide it and prepare for your effect from everyone else  
with a pulse and a JavaScript interpreter. Because you are doing it at  
the dom:loaded point rather than the window.load point, there will be  
no flash of unhidden content.


On Dec 2, 2008, at 2:27 AM, shafir wrote:

> hey,
> im using the slide effect in my website and to do so im using on the
> div i want to "slide" the style="display:none" i know that google do
> not index text that under this style, because of that im using a class
> name that have inside - 'display:none'.
> but then i noticed that the slide effect doesnt work with the
> class.... :-(
> any suggestions?!?
> thanks, shafir.
> >

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