Thanks everyone! Sorry Im getting back so late. I was visiting family
over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Anyhow, it seems as all these solutions work. Thank you so much!

Im looking forward to diving into this framework and I appreciate
having this group here for support.



On Nov 28, 5:31 am, Henry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Nov 27, 10:50 pm, seasoup wrote:
> > On Nov 27, 7:14 am, RobG wrote:
> >> On Nov 27, 11:32 pm, spradeepkumar wrote:
> >> [...]
> >>> If you are particular in using this...prototype has got
> >>> bind methods with which you can control your scope....
> >> The value of a function's this keyword has nothing to do
> >> with scope, it is set by the call.
> > $(selector).each(function(){
> >   alert(this);
> > }.bind($(somethingElse));
> > sets somethingElse as the 'this' inside of the each function,
> > instead of the item in the array.  That's what spradeepkumar
> > was referring to by controlling scope.
> And it was referring to setting the - this - value as "controlling
> scope" (or as having anything to do with scope at all) that was being
> corrected. Scope is quite an important concept in javascript, indeed
> being 'lexically scoped' is one of the defining characteristics of the
> language. (With the exception of possible used of the - with -
> statement) Scope is defined by the ((lexical) structure of the) source
> code and not amenable to runtime modification (or control). The value
> of the - this - keyword in a function is determined at runtime by how
> the function is called, and can be 'controlled'. It may be
> (unfortunately) common to speak of 'scope' when talking about the -
> this - keyword but the two are really very different things that
> should not be confused.
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