On 02 Dec 2008, at 22:47, Bill Walton wrote:

> I'm adding simple sounds (beep and burp) to a Rails app with  
> sound.js.  I'm having a really wierd problem with it though.  I call  
> Sound.play(good_sound) or Sound.play(bad_sound) depending on whether  
> or not a search succeeds. First time it works correctly, playing the  
> correct sound.  Second time, it plays the last sound, then the  
> correct sound.  Works that way from then on. I'm logging the calls  
> to Sound.play in FireFox and, according to the console, it's only  
> getting called once per request/response.  But the sound's getting  
> played twice.  I've scratched my head raw.  Any idea what I might be  
> doing wrong?

As you'll read on the Rails mailing list, you probably omitted the  
{replace: true} hash. If you don't include it, the sound isn't  
overwritten, but played in parallel.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

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