As I read the Prototypejs documentation, I noticed that every example
in using your "classes" begin with the "new" statement.

So I have written all my code like "new Ajax.Request" , "new
Effect.SlideDown" etc.

This works very well for FF.
Now I am porting my code to IE :( and as I got some (other) errors I
discovered the wonderful
<a href="">JSLint</a> which tells me that

'new' should not be used as a statement

Since I don't really know too much of internals of Javascript: I was
wondering if it is the same
to do
"new Ajax.Request" and "Ajax.Request"

just to make JSLint not to bother me :)

If it is the same, I think you should write a couple of lines in
prototypejs documentation about this.

Thank you very much
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