On Dec 4, 11:17 am, yoshi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> heres my js:
> var stuff7=eval('function() {alert("stuff..");}')
> when i alert stuff7 it is undefined.

The code passed to eval is treated at a function declaration.  Without
a name, it is a syntax error.

> now if i do this:
> eval('var stuff7=function() {alert("stuff..");}')
> and alert stuff7, it is defined

Because now it is a valid function expression.  You could also use a
valid function declaration:

eval('function stuff7() {alert("stuff..");}')

> does anybody know y, the jscript eval doc doesnt really help,

No surprises there, it is a user guide, not a specification.  Use
ECMA-262, section 10.2.2.

> i suspect it is a scope issue?

It's a syntax error.

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