I just had the same issue and I think if you give the wrapper div a
relative position and a z-index of 100 it will always sit in front of
the sliding div and mask the overflow.
I'm testing this now with my site so will let you know the outcome.

On Nov 6, 3:19 pm, hectorvox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm using a div with overflow:hidden wrapped around another div that I
> move left and right (using Effect.Move) to create a scroll area
> effect.
> However, when the inner div which is being moved has an absolute (or
> relative) position applied to it it decides that it wants to ignore
> the display:hidden property of its parent, meaning that you can see
> all of the content that was supposed to be "masked" by the parent div.
> Does anyone have any ideas on the best approach to this problem?

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