I am using Effect.Move to slide some graphic down the height of the
screen. I would like to be able to manipulate the x-position of the
item after it gets below a certain y-position to follow the mouse

What happens is I get this pulsating effect, where it follows the
cursor, then Effect.Move performs an update and puts it back to its
original position.

By looking at Effect.Move:

  setup: function() {
    this.originalLeft = parseFloat(this.element.getStyle('left') ||
    this.originalTop  = parseFloat(this.element.getStyle('top')  ||
    if (this.options.mode == 'absolute') {
      this.options.x = this.options.x - this.originalLeft;
      this.options.y = this.options.y - this.originalTop;

The effect uses "this.originalLeft" to figure out the base position
for the original object, which makes sense, and uses it in the update:
method. I was wondering if there was a way to write to this value
inside the effect object?

I'd prefer not to modify the orignal effect code. Maybe I need to make
my own effect wrapper and extend the Effect.Move object. I'm not sure.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

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