I am new to prototype, so I guess this must be a common question. It
is difficult to explain and also difficult to search for.

I start with the code - it should later become a javascript shopping

                function purchase() {
                        // get product
                        var product = 
products.get(this.identify().sub('purchase', ''));

                        if (this.checked) {
                                Element.addClassName('purchase' + 
product.getCategory() + 'Area',
                        else {
                                var removeAreaGreen = true;
                                cart.getProducts().each(function(pair) {
                                        if (pair.value.getCategory() == 
product.getCategory()) {
                                                removeAreaGreen = false;
                                if (removeAreaGreen) 
Element.removeClassName('purchase' +
product.getCategory() + 'Area', 'areaGreen');

                function selectOption() {
                        // get product
                        var product = 
products.get(this.identify().sub('purchase', '').sub
('Options', ''));

                // when the dom is fully loaded, execute these scripts
                document.observe("dom:loaded", function() {

                        // initializing options
                        // todo: find a way to init options and products

                        // add event handlers
                        $$('.modulePurchase .options').invoke('observe', 
selectOption).invoke('observe', 'keyup', selectOption);
                        $$('.modulePurchase .purchase').invoke('observe', 

This works great so far. Elements with ('.modulePurchase .purchase')
are simple checkbox input fields. Elements with
('.modulePurchase .options') are select boxes.

My requirement now is that some of the elements are already checked
during start of the page. So I want that the functions purchase and
selectOptions should be called on any of the mentioned elements during
start up of the page. The problem is there is no onload-Event for
input fields. Also it is not possible to fire native events.

I cannot do this:

$$('.modulePurchase .options').invoke('selectOption');

because selectOption is not a function of Element. Do you have any
ideas how I can solve this easily?

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