On the CodeIgniter side, I think you will need to step outside of CI's  
routing in order to do this. I know it's possible to mix and match CI  
routing and traditional GET requests in the same application -- it's  
just a matter of knowing what all you will need to pass to the  
application. Try reading through the source in the router and see what  
variables it expects. In my own framework (heavily influenced by CI  
and Rails) I need to see model=foo&action=bar&id=123, so if you pass  
all that as a querystring request to routing.php, you get a page, same  
as if you went to mysite.com/foo/bar/123.

On the IPE side, you can modify the name of the fields sent to the  
server through the POST request by means of the callback option in the  
parameters. Further, you can modify the underlying Ajax call (change  
it to GET, maybe?) using the ajaxOptions parameter.

Have a read on the wiki: 


On Dec 8, 2008, at 3:04 PM, Russell wrote:

> I am using the CodeIgniter framework for PHP and need the value from
> my InPlaceEditor to pass as a straight value (i.e. /something) instaed
> of the way it does now (?value=something)
> <script type="text/javascript">
>       var editor = new Ajax.InPlaceEditor('user<?=$i?>', '/index.php/app/
> updateUserJob.php/<?=$data[$i]->empNum?>/');
> </script>
> my url now is '/index.php/app/updateUserJob.php/123456/?
> value=something and I need it to be
> '/index.php/app/updateUserJob.php/123456/something
> is this possible?
> >

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