Hi Ian,

Can't help you with Behaviour (never used it), but here are some pages
on the unofficial Prototype & script.aculo.us wiki that may help you
with Event.observe, and in particular using it on dynamically-loaded


T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com

On Dec 10, 9:01 pm, Ian R <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hey all!
> So.  This has come up several times since I've been using Prototype/
> Behaviour.  I feel like it must have been covered before but I can't
> find it anywhere and I'm worried that I don't quite know what to
> search for:
> Say, for example, I have an unordered list.  In my initial page, I
> have Behaviour rules set up, read from a separate JS file, which
> change the className when I mouseover, and change it back when I
> mouseout.  This works fine.
> I have another element, a button, and when I click that button it
> triggers an Ajax.Update of my list, pulling contents from a PHP file.
> Also works fine.
> But now, my new updated list doesn't respond to the Behaviour rules.
> Were I to add, into the HTML, onmouseover and onmouseout attributes,
> it would work fine.  But it is not registering the Behaviour.  It does
> not seem to matter if the JS is loaded in the PHP page or not.
> I'm noticing that the Behaviour page is gone and there doesn't seem to
> be any reference to it at all on Ben Nolan's site.  I know I could/
> should be using Event.Observe but it doesn't seem to matter, though
> I'll admit my tinkering with Event.Observe was less than deft.
> Any ideas?  Any help at all would be much appreciated.  I'm just
> coming out of a brief flirtation with Dojo and I'm remembering how
> much I like Prototype/Script.aculo.us.  It just makes more sense to
> me!  ...Except for this one thing.
> Ian
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