On a live web site, I'm experiencing a small number of cases where
Ajax.Updater requests are not completing, leaving the user with an
animated "loading" icon.  On investigation, it appears that this _may_
be related to firewall configurations and in other cases "ad blocker"

We can't control the customer's environment, so we already degrade
gracefully where the user's browser has javascript disabled, however I
am trying to work out how to "degrade" back to simpler UI
functionality where ajax requests using protocol fail to complete.

My first idea is to re-code so that there is a timeout of say 15
seconds, then tell the user that the request is taking a long time and
suggest that they switch to a basic UI & save that preference in a
session cookie.  The code is all modular, so I can essentially drop
the user back into the same UI as if they had javascript disabled.

What do you think - is there a more elegant way of doing this or?
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