In the current version of scriptaculous you can't cancel a draggable
programatically. This has been put in as a suggestion for the next
version. You must manually move it back to its original position using
Effect.Move. You'll also need to keep track of where it was originally
so you can do that.

On Dec 15, 11:52 am, Kaiser <> wrote:
> I want to use a sortable to make a graphical and multiple select box
> application on a web page.  The objective is move elements from box1
> to box2 with some limitations:
> We must have 4 elements max. on box2 (destination box)
> If the user moves the element with id #1 to box2, only that element
> would remain in box2 and the rest must return to box 1.
> With the code, i can detect if the moved element is the 5th but i must
> cancel the drag or return the last element of the box2 to box1. That
> is a problem because i dont see any place in documentation to do
> something like that.
> The second answer is how to reset one of the boxes.  I have box1 and
> box2 (original and destination boxes) and i want to reset the initial
> status without reload the page. ¿Is there any method to do this?
> Simple sample: triggerupdate is the function i use to check if the
> element is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or +4th
> <div id="page">
>         <div id="group1" class="section">
>                 <h3 class="handle">Group 1</h3>
>                 <div id="item_1" class="lineitem">This is item 1</div>
>                 <div id="item_2" class="lineitem">This is item 2</div>
>                 <div id="item_3" class="lineitem">This is item 3</div>
>                 <div id="item_4" class="lineitem">This is item 4</div>
>         </div>
>         <div id="group2" class="section">
>                 <h3 class="handle">Group 2</h3>
>         </div>
> </div>
> <input type=button onclick="resetea();">
> <script type="text/javascript">
>         // <![CDATA[
>         Sortable.create('group1',{tag:'div',dropOnEmpty: true, containment:
> sections,only:'lineitem'});
>         Sortable.create('group2',{tag:'div',dropOnEmpty: true, containment:
> sections,only:'lineitem', onUpdate:function(){triggerupdate()}});
>         Sortable.create('page',{tag:'div',only:'section',handle:'handle'});
>         // ]]>
>  </script>
> Thanks
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