There are lots and lots of Web sites out there, and many many books on  
standards-based design. There is nothing that can't be done, usually  
pretty simply. Anyone who works in the standards has run their head up  
against a seeming-impossible layout before, so if you're really stuck,  
post your broken layout (showing you tried) and a JPEG of what you'd  
like it to look like on a more design-oriented list ( 
  is one option) and see what advice you get.

The standards don't actually keep you from expressing yourself, they  
are actually there to keep you from shooting yourself in the foot or  
another appendage.


On Dec 17, 2008, at 2:13 PM, buda wrote:

> but if they dont allow me to do what I need - why they are?
> I have spent alot of time trying to develop onviewport plastic layout
> ( look at CRM web pages )
> it apperares that its impossible!!!

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