Not to bash the site or your work, but who thought those sliders were
a good idea?
They don't work correctly (relative to the system UI) and they render
the site
nearly un-navigable when JS is turned off. All to accomplish what
could be done with
CSS alone and real, native scrolling...

Not as bad as the old Flash sites that automatically scrolled at a
fixed speed,
(or re-implemented scrollbars badly in ActionScript) but close.


On Dec 17, 5:52 am, Craig <> wrote:
> site im developing is not live but similar to
> Is there much use in creating a slider function to run all the sliders
> from would this make much of a difference?
> On Dec 17, 4:35 am, RobG <> wrote:
> > On Dec 17, 3:13 am, Craig <> wrote:
> > > I have a very graphics intense website with 4 sliders on each coded in
> > > a serperate JS file.
> > > Recently i have developed a full screen image viewer that behaves much
> > > like lightbox. I am using the effects library to BlindDown the image
> > > and alternates in their containers as well as Appear/Fading a
> > > background that covers the whole page.
> > > Problem is that this makes the browser lag and the animation does not
> > > look smooth at all.
> > > Does anyone have any tips that could be helpful for me to improve the
> > > FPS as i am not the most experienced js programmer?
> > Optimisation for speed usually starts by finding the code that is most
> > sluggish.  You can spend a very long time optimising by doint things
> > like replacing for loops with do loops or whatever for marginal
> > improvement when some other simple change, like replacing extensive
> > use of += to concatenate strings with Array.join or just plain +
> > (specific to IE), can have a dramatic effect.
> > Post a link.
> > You might also consider whehter your effects add to the functionality
> > of the page or are just a nusance.
> > --
> > Rob

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