Hey there,

i had a problem that thousands had, a draggable element dissappear
behind the unseen scrollable part. In case of the error i started
searching and found the dragdropextra.js which tries to solve that
problem but that didn't work in my case, for whatever reason. I didn't
had the time to fix the code. So i decided to post a small but working
fix in this group with hope to help other people.

This small fix only appends every draggable object to the body element
before showing it at the cursor so just add this line of code:


to the dragdrop.js (v. 1.8.2) after line 339
( this.element.parentNode.insertBefore(this._clone, this.element); ).

This should fix every scrollable error. Tested with FireFox 2.0,3.0
and Internet Explorer 6 and ordered/unordered lists.

If you're not sure if this works for each ghosting just copy the if
clause which decide for the ghosting option and paste it under the
copied if clause and choose a name for the option. But don't forget to
add this option name to the if statement under "finishDrag".

I will upload the modified File as soon as i remember my password :).

With kind regards

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