I have a problem with using multiple sortables and containment.  I
have a 3 column page with 3 different sortable regions.  Columns 1 and
2 are active modules (this is for a portal layout page) and the 3rd is
all available modules to be able to add.

The catch is that in the third column, the draggables can only go into
one or the other (1 or 2) but not both.  So I have javascript to
handle that part, but the problem occurs when you take a draggable for
the 1st column and drag it over the second column while trying to get
to the first.  What happens is it gets "stuck" in the column 2
sortable and you cannot get it out of there and into the first.  Now
you can drag it completely around the second column and it works

Any ideas why this is happening or how to fix it?

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