Changing the visibility of any item on the page will cause a redraw.

You could try'xxxx') after your insertion.

On Dec 22, 3:28 am, Jay <> wrote:
> I'm using the following code to add a table to DOM.
> var table = Builder.node('table', {id: "xxxxx"},
>         Builder.node('tbody', eachdayArr)
> );
> $('parent').insert(table);
> But this doesn't show right away in IE (works fine in FF).
> When I turn on my DOM explorer, however, it suddenly shows!!
> (By the way, this isn't a missing "tbody' problem).
> Which makes me think that somehow the browser isn't really refreshing
> or rendering new elements...
> (because the fact that it shows up means everything was inserted
> correctly)
> Is there any reason why this might be happening? And is there a way to
> force the browser to refresh??
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